How to prepare for Solid Mechanics of GATE Mechanical Engineering paper

Solid Mechanics is very important section of GATE Mechanical, as this section with engineering mechanics is fundamental subject of Machine design and Theory of Machines.

Around 7-10 problems in every GATE paper are asked from this portion and has weight age up to 15 marks.

It has following topics : 

·        Basics of Stress, Strain and Stress-Strain Relations

·        Axially loaded members- Bar/Rod

·        Torsion of Rod/Bar/Shaft

·        Shear force and Bending Moment Diagram

·        Bending and Shear Stresses in the Beam

·        Deflection of the Beams

·        Buckling of Column

·        Thin shells

·        Theory of Failures

Complete understanding of Solid Mechanics depends on only three things

·        Basic sign conventions

·        Free body Diagram

·        Equilibruim

If anyone learn these three things thoroughly can master the Solid Mechanics of GATE Mechanical.

We suggest following reference which is only sufficient and required for preparation

Mechanics of Materials by J.GERE

It covers all basics very well and in-addition to that complete book is flawless.

Also, GATE Aspirant can go through our Sample GATE Mechanical Study Material.

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